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Balon and Gran Balon
This one deserves a visit, on saturday morning, the Balon, a multicolored vintage market set up in the alleys behind Piazza della Repubblica, where you can find about 80 exhibitors.

Every second sunday of the month you can find the Gran Balon: the right occasion for an intense day between furniture, carpets, silver goods, postcards and clothes. There are about 200 exhibitors, in an area in which they present themselves around forty shops and warehouses with antique materials.

The most picturesque market of the flea markets, immortalized through success books and films. You can absolutely find a bit of everything there, you can get some real bargains but you can also get cheated on with the price, so beware!

  • Address: Via e piazza Borgo Dora, Torino
  • Info: tel: +39 011 4369741
  • Opening hours: Balon: every saturday of the month (excluding january)
  • Gran Balon: every second sunday of the month (excluding january)

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Market of Porta Palazzo Piazza della Repubblica, notice how Porta Palazzo whose southern side with the strict exedra was designed by Filippo Juvarra to make the north entrance of the city solemn, which hosts the biggest city market in one of the most enormous and talked about squares of Italy. As much as Porta Palazzo doesn't have the best reputation, and as much it is one of the most difficult places to live together among all the different ethnics that live in the city, the market still deserves a visit to understand the vivid Turin life. Additionally it is the biggest open air market in europe offering low prices and every kind of goods: from mushrooms in almost every period of the year to snails, from colorful grains to legumes and to dried fruit, from clothes to household goods, and all of this offered by about 685 exhibitors.

  • Address: Piazza della Repubblica, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: From monday to friday 8.30am-1.30pm, saturday 8.30am-6.30pm

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Christmas market
Turin Christmas market starts on 1st December and lasts until Christmas Day; on the stalls of the 100 Piedmontese exhibitors and of those coming from other Italian regions (Trentino Alto Adige, Sardinia, Basilicata, Umbria, Tuscany and Liguria) are impressive looking objects in glass, ceramics, paper, fabric, every type of Christmas decoration for inside and outside, cribs, books, and paintings, some of which are handcrafted. Moreover, cribs which are always carved out of the inside of tree trunks thanks to the patient work of the carving, are actually the toys dedicated to the adults that haven't yet surrendered to technological games.

There's also space for wine and food: typical sweets, honey, marmelade, chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit, jam, truffles, traditional, original and sought tastes that inspire festive dinner and lunch preparations.

Turin Christmas market doesn't have only stalls: infact you can walk through the chalets in Piazza Borgo Dora, listen to Gospel choirs, get enchanted by the puppet plays, admire the street performances by artists coming from all parts of Italy; the children are entertained by professional entertainers with imaginative games, fairytales and screenings of animated cartoons.

  • Address: Piazza Borgo Dora, Cortile interno ed esterno del Maglio, Turin
  • Info: tel: +39 011 0702332
  • 335 6549009
  • web: www.mercatinonataletorino.it
  • opening hours: from 2nd December till about the 23rd December
  • 3pm-8pm during weekday; 10am-8pm during public holidays

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Mercatopoli di Torino BB
Mercatopoli di Torino BM is the ideal place to return value to the objects that you don't use anymore but that you don't want to throw away and that overflow the attics and basements. In the moment you sell them, they will regain their life.

  • Address: Via Baltea 3, 10155, Torino
  • Info: tel: 011 2440943
  • fax: 011 2440943
  • email: torinobm@mercatopoli.it
  • web: http://torinobm.mercatopoli.it/
  • opening hours: sundays and mondays closed
  • from tuesday to friday 10am-12:30pm e 3am-7:30pm
  • saturday 10am-7pm (continueing schedule)

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Biological market alla Giajone
This market takes place every saturday morning from 9am to 1pm and consists of a banquet of fair trade underneath the arcades of the farm building Giajone. It's possible to find a wide range of goodies: coffee, tea, herbal tea, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, biscuits, cakes, candies, chocolate candies, snacks, honey, jam, rice, pasta, cous cous, Quinoa (goosefeet crop), spices, freshly squeezed fruit juices, books, magazines and information materials about fair trade, the critical consume and the supportive economy.

The initiative and promotion of the volontary group TuttoUnAltroMondo, in collaboration with the cooperation New World and ward 2.

  • Address: Via Guido Reni 102, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: saturday morning 9am-1pm

Mercatino delle erbe (Herbal market)
The market of typical Piedmontese products.

  • Address: Via Garibaldi e Piazza Palazzo di Citta, Torino
  • Info: tel: +39 011 6177211
  • Opening hours: every first sunday of the month

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Donne in campo (women in the field)
Donne in campo is a feminine market, in which you can find agricultural and handcrafted products from Piedmontese producers; it consists of about 50 exhibitors.

  • Address: Via Roma, via Cesare Battisti e piazza Carlo Alberto, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: second sunday (only in June)
  • third sunday of the month (only in March, June, Settember and December)

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Market of vintage and modern objects and clothes, with 33 exhibitors.

  • Address: Piazza Carlo Alberto, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: second saturday of the month (excluding July and August)

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Market of biological, natural and ecological products with 34 exhibitors.

  • Address: Piazza Palazzo di Citta, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: fourth saturday of the month (excluding July and August)

Antiquariato e modernariato minore (Antique and modern market)
Unique and collectable objects; 100 exhibitors.

  • Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: 4th sunday of the month (only in March, June, Settember and November)

Mercatino dei prodotti della fattoria (factory products market)
Various Piedmontese farms present typical and unadulterated products in this market which counts 35 exhibitors.

  • Address: Via Roma, via Cesare Battisti e piazza Carlo Alberto, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: 3rd sunday of the month (only in April, May, October and November)

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Oasi dei prodotti tipici (Oasis of typical products)
The Oasis is a market of quality agricultural products organized by the Federazione Provinciale Coltivatori Diretti (Provincial Federation of Farmer Rights); there you'll find 40 exhibitors.

  • Address: Piazza Madama Cristina e Piazza Palazzo di Citta, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: 3rd sunday of the month (excluding January, July, August and Dezember)

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Il libro ritrovato (The refound book)
Exhibition market of antique books and prints.

  • 50 exhibitors
  • Address: underneath the arcades of Piazza Carlo Felice (in front of the station Porta Nuova)
  • Info: tel: 3386086630
  • opening hours: 9am-6pm, the first sunday of the month (excluding August)

Creatività e fantasia artigiana (Craftsman Creativity and fantasy)
Organized by the association for merchants Conte Verde (count green) and the craftsman group the gnomes.

  • Address: Piazza Palazzo di Citta, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: third saturday of the month

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Ogni frutto ha la sua stagione (Every fruit has its season)
``Ogni frutto ha la sua stagione'' is a market based on seasonal products, organized by the Italian confederation for farmers.

  • Address: Piazza Carlo Alberto, Torino
  • Info: opening hours: third sunday of the month

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Antico in musica (Antique in music)
It's an antique market in which participate 55 exhibitors; sponsored by the city of Turin and the Piedmont region, the initiative consists of Piedmontese antique stands, an exhibition of operas of painters and interval musicals.

  • Address: Piazza Abba, Torino
  • Info: tel: +39 011 641303
  • opening hours: 9-17:30, 4th sunday of the month (excluding August and December)
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