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Turin Events

Turin is a cosmopolitan city hosting several events dedicated to the world of arts, literature and culture. Thanks t the presence of Lingotto fiere, a large exhibition centre in Turin hosting many kinds of fairs and events all the year round.
Here it is a special selection of events we chose for you


Turin Card for visiting Turin and PiedmontVisit Turin and Piedmont with the "Turin + Piedmont Card": a pass that gives you free admission to over 190 cultural sights, such as museums, monuments, exhibitions, fortresses, castles and Royal Residences and many reduced prices for activities and exhibitions. The "Turin + Piedmont Card" is available for 2-3 or 5 days.

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Eventi a Torino: MITO Settembre MusicaMITO Settembre Musica A rich program that, maintaining the preponderance of classical and contemporary music, spaces through jazz, testing, ethnic music and much more. The excellence of the "classical" appointments is guaranteed by great names.

International Festival of Music taking place in Milan and Turin

→ Every year in September

Eventi a Torino: CinemambienteCinemAmbiente - Environmental Film Festival
CinemAmbiente was born in Turin in 1998 with the aim to increase the culture of environment through cinema. First of all, it intends to be a festival in the sense of a "party", where the audience can watch the best environmental topic movies of the year, retrospectives and tributes to great documentary directors or attend debates and reflection moments that will then proceed in the region or in schools. From a global point of view of cinema, the films presented by CinemAmbiente are not only documentary films in the typical TV style, but also cartoons about pollution, researches on deforestation and on ecomafia, movies about war and poetical works of celebrated directors such as De Seta, Quilici, Flaherty and Ivens.

→ Every year in June

Turin International Street Theatre Festival

Eventi a Torino: Festival Internazionale del Teatro di StradaIn September, Turin hosts a week full of live performances and events in the streets of the city, where visitors will have the chance to marvel at the fantastic and colourful world of street artists. More than a thousand artists coming from all over the world will gather in Turin for having fun, performing and knowing the audience with many shows, meetings and art workshops. All the live shows are free to watch.

→ Every year in September.

Eventi a Torino: ArtissimaARTISSIMA - International Fair of Contemporary Art
This important cultural fair dedicated to visual arts takes place every year in November in the city of Turin. A not-to-be-missed event for all contemporary art addicts.

→ Every year in November.

Eventi a Torino: Torino Film FestivalTurin Film Festival presents itself as a meeting and comparison point for the new international cinema in its different artistic perspectives and trends. Special attention will be given to the emerging cinematographies and to the young moviemakers. In the competition sections, the festival promotes the diffusion of films by new authors characterized by stylistic search.

→ Every year in November.

Eventi a Torino: Festival del CabaretNational Festival of Cabaret Official festival of Italin cabaret created and run by Mauro Giorcelli and organized by “Il Coro/Cabanews” cultural association, sponsored by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Piemonte, Province and City of Turin.

→ Every year in October

Turin International Book Fair
Eventi a Torino: Salone del LibroTurin International Book Fair i san extraordinary yearly event that gathers many scholars and book lovers from al lover the world. Five days rich in meetings, debates and conversations about literature, science, cinema and journalism. Each sphere of literature will be debated, from the classic paper books to electronic publishing, furniture for book shops and everything concerning book publishing and trade, multimedia, home-videos, graphics, gadgets, T-shirts, posters and other advertising items.

→ Every year in May. Don’t miss it!

Eventi a Torino: TorinoDanzaTorinoDanza Festival
TorinoDanza is a project created by the city of Turin in cooperation with Regione Piemonte and Teatro Regio of Turin, and boasts of Gigi Cristoforetti as its artistic director. The event is structured according to new modalities, since it includes the three traditional models of theatrical organization into one only pattern - the Focus: the periodical festival, the period and the special thematic event. TorinoDanza wants to gradually reach the most interesting areas of contemporary choreographic creation. Among its main aims are the following: to endear new areas of the audience to Italian and international contemporary dance, trying to involve in its initiatives the whole social fabric, starting from the world of schools to theatres, from cultural institutions to art galleries; to find new places and new ways of thinking of a performance; to give a special attention to the formation and to the research involving famous choreographies.

→ Every year between September and November.

Eventi a Torino: Salone del GustoSalone del Gusto (Showroom of Taste) is not only an excellent and original event promoted by Regione Piemonte and Slow Food, but also a cultural challenge: as a matter of fact, it contributes to the image creation of rich territories endowed with 121,000 farmings, zoo technical and forest businesses, 55% of which located on mountains and hills. Therefore visitors will find all the complexity, variety and biodiversity of the Piedmont food farming: productions of quality to protect strikingly and improve with great persistence. The Region and the area are already doing these things with significant results. Since 1996, the year of the first edition of Salone del Gusto, Slow Food underwent a considerable evolution and increased as it developed new initiatives and broadened its horizons.

→ Every year in October.

Eventi a Torino: Luci d'ArtistaLuci d'Artista
Turin loves light, its unusual reflections when they play on the majestic baroque palaces, on the branches of the trees, in the squares of the city giving birth to a great show.

→ Every year in winter season.

Ivrea Carnival
Ivrea Carnival and Orange battleEvery year, among history, oranges and traditions, the famous Historical Carnival takes place is Ivrea. It is the most ancient Carnival in the world: it tells a very old and real story that has brave kings of castles and saver plebeian as protagonists. The story from which it draws inspiration dates back to the Middle Ages, when Barbarossa enthroned in the castle of the city Ranieri di Biandrate, a merciless oppressor. Violence and impositions aggravate the people who, in 1194, rose up and destroyed the castle, symbol of the oppression. The same thing happened about 100 years later to another oppressor, Wilhelm Marquis of Monferrato, who unexpectedly laid his hands on the city of Ivrea. In the popular tradition, Ranieri and Wilhelm converge into the character of a persecutor and oppressor of people, who has a crush on a beautiful miller called Violetta and wants to love her during her first wedding night. The heroine takes-out a dugger from her dress, cuts the head of the oppressor and shows it to the people gathered around the castle. The remembrance of these deeds about the victory of people against the oppressor, handed down spontaneously year after year and even today it characterizes an event which is a popular representation. The colours, the melodies of the Penny-whistle and Drums, the beautiful miller, the heroine of the event, the General with its General Staff, the procession with the flags of the districts represented by Abbà, the traditional oranges war, the scarli stake: each of these things contributes to make the Carnival of Ivrea one of the most striking and exciting Italian carnivals.

→ Every year between January and the late period of Carnival (usually in February or March).

International Biennial Photography Exhibition

Born in 1985 thanks to an initiative of Torino Fotografia association, which in 1992 was recalled Fondazione Italiana della Fotografia, is a biennial exhibition conceived for examining and exploring in each edition a different issue in order to reflecting the atmospheres and trends of out time, transcending from a historical and geographical connotation.

→ Every two years, in September.

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