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Turin is one of the most accessible cities thanks to the ad hoc structures and services that are designed to make a stay in the city more pleasant for the disabled. On the occasion of the recent 2006 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, further improvements were made to the tourist structures and to the city?s cultural locations in terms of accessibility and safety.
For more information:
Tel: +39-0113018888 or +39-0113096363
Fax: +39-0113091201
E-mail: info@accessibleurope.com
Web: www.accessibleurope.com


From the moment of arrival there are transport services ? taxis, trams, buses ? designed to take wheelchairs, which will whisk you to your destination. The many pedestrian areas in the centre of the city make it easy to move around and admire the historic and artistic treasures of Turin without risk.
For more information:
GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti)
Address: C.so Turati 19/6 - 10128 Turin
Tel: +39-01157641
E-mail: gtt@gtt.to.it


Turin has three main stations: Torino Porta Nuova Station, Torino Lingotto Station and Torino Porta Susa Station. The Italian railways net is well equipped to help people with disability. More than 150 Italian railway stations have a reception service for disabled travellers and about 900 trains Eurostar has coach for disables, but this service must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. The most important station, Torino Porta Nuova Station, offers facility providing assistance to passengers with special needs that is located on the ground floor of the station (Via Nizza side).
For more information www.trenitalia.it/it/servizi_per/disabili/index.html


- Torino Sandro Pertini Airport: the airport team have a particular care to people who needs assistance. Facilities for disabled passengers are available, such as assistance, toilettes, parking spaces and a Reception and an Assistance Centre for disabled passengers, called "Sala Amica". When booking a flight, passengers with disabilities are asked to specify the type of assistance needed (this service must be booked at least 48 hours in advance).

- Torino Aeritalia Airport: this airport is not so equipped to give a perfect assistance to people who need it, but it is able to have care to disabled person within reason.


There are different accessible hotels in Turin. In general, all the hotels with accessible for handicapped in Turin can be booked, also on line, in advance and with an instant confirmation with no extra charge and no deposit required.
For more information www.traveleurope.it
Information and reservation:
Address: Via Cooperativa Lime, 29 - 10095 Grugliasco (To)
Tel: +39-011785785
Fax: +39-0117804945
E-mail: centroguide@tiscali.it
Web: www.porter.it


You can find all useful information going on www.fondazionetorinomusei.it

GAM - Via Magenta, 31:
Tel: +39-0114429546
Fax: +39-0114429503
E-mail: mailto:gamdidattica@fondazionetorinomusei.it
Web: www.gamtorino.it

Madama Palace - Piazza Castello:
Tel: +39-0114429911
Fax: +39-0114429929
E-mail: madamadidattica@fondazionetorinomusei.it
Web: www.palazzomadamatorino.it

Medieval District - Viale Virgilio, 107:
Tel: +39-0114431712
Fax: +39-0114431720
E-mail: borgodidattica@fondazionetorinomusei.it
Web: borgomedievaletorino.it

MAO - Museum of Oriental Art - Via San Domenico, 9/11:
Tel: +39-0114436928
Fax: +39-0114436918
E-mail: maodidattica@fondazionetorinomusei.it
Web: www.maotorino.it


www.comuneditorino.it is a site that offers historical, cultural, artistic and touristic route with additional information for disabled persons. It suggests four tourist routes:

1. In this route you can admire wonders of Turin starting from Piazza Castello and going on Piazza S. Giovanni, Largo IV Marzo, Piazza Palazzo di Citt?, Via Garibaldi, Via della Consolata until arrive in Corso Regina.

2. The second route starts from Piazza Castello and gets you to the Academy of Sciences, Via Maria Vittoria, Piazza S. Carlo and via Roma.

3. Beginning from Royal Palace to San Lorenzo, this route permits you to reach the Royal Theatre, Via Po, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the Great Mother and the Mountain of Capuchins.

4. The last rout offers you the possibility to see Valentine?s Park, Medieval District, Museum of Car, Italy 61, Palazzo del Lavoro, Palavela and Lingotto.

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